why ganesha?

Let’s be honest with one another. You have a lot of choices as to where to spend your fitness time and dollars. There are a jillion places to do yoga just on the North Side. We know. But Ganesha is different, and we hope that the things that make us different resonate with you.

Awesome Teachers: Our teachers excel at making activities accessible, enjoyable, effective and safe. If they can’t do that they don’t teach here, period.

No Mean Girls: We are committed to maintaining a culture of inclusion, positivity and fun. It is truly distressing to us that people who are taking steps toward improving their health are often met with insensitivity, indifference and sometimes outright scorn at a time when they probably need the most support. At Ganesha, you will have support from everyone here, both teachers and students.

The Whole (Healthy) Enchilada: We focus on total health, not just exercise. Our goal is to take care of the whole you—mind, body and spirit. That’s why we offer meditation workshops, and a series we call “Realize Your Vision of Health”, which helps you shift your relationship with food, exercise and stress.

So far, we hear you telling us that we are doing a good job for you. We have excellent ratings on social media platforms, and lots of you tell us that yoga is helping you in ways you never expected.

So come see us for a tour of the place and let us get to know you.