Ganesha Plus Teacher Training

ganesha plus teacher training

Ganesha Plus Teacher Training with Mindy Hanzlik
Saturday November 11th 10:00a – 7:00p

For some larger students, just the idea of coming to a yoga class can be intimidating enough to keep them off the mat. Make it easier by building classes and creating an environment that welcome them into the world of yoga. The Ganesha Plus Teacher Training is designed for yoga teachers who want to help students of all sizes, shapes and fitness levels develop and flourish in a yoga practice. You’ll develop the skills you need to create Ganesha Plus classes that are inviting, affirming and empowering for students who might otherwise shy away from yoga.

This workshop is intended exclusively for teachers who have completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training.

Content includes:

  • Components of a size-friendly class
  • Pose modifications for bigger bellies, boobs and hips
  • Meditation practices, yoga nidra and mudras that encourage self-acceptance
  • Sequencing strategies that maximize students’ strengths, challenge them appropriately, and keep them safe
  • Debunking common misconceptions about the bodies and abilities of larger students
  • Utilizing cueing to effectively build self-esteem
  • Understanding how to work with anatomical and health conditions that some, but not all, larger students have
  • Use of body-positive language

A manual including the above content, plus sample sequences and photos of pose modifications will be provided.  Required reading will be updated on this page shortly.

mindy head shotMindy Hanzik used to watch yoga tapes in her living room because she didn’t think there were classes for her. She wants to be sure nobody else ever feels that way. Mindy began doing yoga in 2001 as a way to better handle stress in her life. As her health and fitness goals expanded, so did her practice of yoga and her understanding of the integral role mindfulness plays in personal transformation. In 2012, Mindy completed her 200-hour yoga training with Suddha Wexler at The Chicago Yoga Center, gave up her job as a corporate change management consultant, and devoted herself to helping students of all shapes and sizes see the transformative potential of yoga. She has studied Big Yoga with Meera Kerr, Curvy Yoga with Anna Guest-Jelley and HeavyWeight Yoga with Abby Lentz to help her develop a unique teaching style that incorporates pose modification for larger bodies as well as sequencing to encourage self-acceptance and embracing one’s physical potential.
Tuition is $225, early bird pricing is $200 until July 15, 2017. Save an additional 10% if you register for this training AND the Chair Yoga workshop on September 9th. Call the studio for details. Register by clicking here.