You will notice that we don’t call our classes hatha or vinyasa or ashtanga or power or any mashup of the foregoing. For a beginning student, these terms are often confusing and not terribly descriptive. (“Hmmm, do I want to take hatha vinyasa flow or gently flowing vinyasa or vinyasa hatha mix?”) We also don’t like Level 1, 2 and 3. That’s too judgy, in our opinion. The following descriptions are hopefully useful to you. Give us a call any time if you have questions about a class. T(w)eens ages ten and older are welcome to attend any class with a parent.

Yoga classes

NEW!! Holistic Fitness Fusion
Holistic Fitness Fusion is a unique mindful movement experience. Enhance your mind/body connection through the combination of three alignment-based movement practices. Bookended by an opening meditation and a well-earned closing savasana, this class will offer thoughtfully sequenced segments of low-impact cardio, isometric (body-weight only) strength training, and an alignment-based yoga flow. All segments will focus on creating awareness in the body through breath, mindful movement, even mantra and mudra. The entire class will be practiced barefoot or with traction socks on a yoga mat. Suitable for all fitness levels. Expect to sweat, work “in” and have fun.

Align and Flow
Why is alignment so important? Well first things first, proper alignment prevents injury. But proper alignment can also be healing and energizing to injured, tired, or inactive muscles and joints. This class is active, yet therapeutic. You will learn key alignment actions that unleash your untapped energy and leave you feeling enlivened and refreshed. Simple yogic breathing techniques (pranayama) are also taught to increase focus and bring alignment of body and mind (see? there’s that word “alignment” again.) This is a healing and exploratory practice for all who want a flowing class.

Gentle Chair Yoga
Pretty much any yoga pose you can do on a mat can be adapted to be done in a chair. So if you have mobility or range of motion constraints, chair yoga can provide you with deep stretching, and improvements in strength and flexibility. Really good for seniors, people recovering from injury, or anyone with chronic conditions that may limit endurance or mobility.

Ganesha Flow (formerly Yoga-all levels)
This is an all-levels yoga class that focuses on flowing movement from pose to pose. We recommend that you are familiar with basic yoga poses so that you don’t have to think too much about what’s coming next and you can shift your attention inside. If that doesn’t describe you, consider Yoga Basics or Mellow Flow instead. We encourage each teacher to bring their unique perspective and style to the class, so some might be very spiritual, others not so much. We think you’ll enjoy the additional cardio benefits that a flowing practice brings.

Ganesha Plus
Yoga has an image problem. Everywhere you look, you see pictures of thin, bendy women in impossible poses, and it makes it seem like you MUST look like that to be serious about yoga. Well, you don’t. That’s why we offer Ganesha Plus, where everyone is welcome, regardless of their body’s shape, size, gender or flexibility. Our teachers have studied with Adaptive Yoga gurus like Abby Lentz, founder of HeavyWeight Yoga, Sherry Zak Morris, one of the superstars of Senior and Chair Yoga (both of whom are fabulous friends and mentors, FYI), Patricia Meera Kerr (Big Yoga), and Anna Guest-Jelley (Curvy Yoga). We design classes that nurture you, challenge you and make you feel great. We offer lots of pose variations and give tons of encouragement to help you build a personal yoga practice that sings. Seriously. We will make sure you can do everything in this class, because yoga is for everybody. And every body, for that matter.

Ganesha Rx
Yoga truly is good for what ails you. This is a therapeutic class where you can bring all of your aches and pains, conditions and challenges, and emerge from class feeling refreshed, stable, and at ease within your body. Class will be gentle, with lots of somatic movement and a liberal use of props. The majority, if not all of the class will take place on the floor. If you have more going on than musculo-skeletal issues, we’d love it if you dropped us a line before coming so that we can best prepare to assist you during class. But if that is not possible, just come on in.

Lunchtime Yoga
A noon class that will fit in a little bit of everything. You will definitely move your body, but we will try to keep you from being drenched in sweat. We’ll also do some relaxation and de-stressing moves at the end. Then you can go back to your daily grind with a clear mind, a feeling of peace, and an good excuse to have a mid-afternoon snack.

Mellow Flow
If you like a flowing practice but sometimes feel rushed moving from one pose to the next, then this could be the class for you. We will do typical flowing sequences but at a pace that allows for slow and complete inhalations and exhalations. Your breath will dictate the speed at which you move your body. We will also explore some dynamic pose sequences. This class is very suitable for beginners, but experienced practioners who want a change of pace may enjoy it as well.

Restorative Yoga
The human body contains more than 600 muscles. Learn to release every single one of them in this deeply relaxing class. Lights will be dimmed. Props will be abundantly used to support your body as you sink into the bolster, blanket or floor, completely letting go of all the tension you store. So ask yourself—what part of your body needs some serious tension relief?

Stiff Guy Yoga
Let’s face it. A lot of you guys are as flexible as a sheet of plywood. But there is hope for you. You may never be able to touch your forehead to your shins, but this class will absolutely help you loosen a stiff back or tight hamstrings, and strengthen all the tiny intrinsic muscles of your body that you are unaware of 98% of the time. Athletes from many sports use yoga as a cross-training tool – think Lebron, Ray Lewis, Evan Longoria, the entire Seattle Seahawks roster, and others. But even if most of your game playing is done on an Xbox, Stiff Guy Yoga will help you.

Sunrise Yoga
The perfect way to start your day! This all-levels class will use breath and movement to get your day started on the best note possible. PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED BY 7PM ON TUESDAY EVENINGS.

Yoga Basics
Our instructors will give you lots of encouragement and personal attention as you become comfortable with body alignment, breath, and pose sequences. We recommend that you keep attending Yoga Basics classes until you feel like you’ve got the hang of it, at which time you might consider trying Ganesha Flow or Mellow Flow.

Dance, Movement and Other Classes

These classes are especially good for people who run, lift, bike or do yoga or Pilates because the movements in those disciplines are very linear. Dance movements aren’t linear at all, and as such they help you to move differently, balance differently, think differently (as in not at all!) Plus, they offer opportunities for cardiovascular activity, which we should all be doing 30 minutes a day seven days a week. Every class we offer had to meet criteria of being distinctive and had to be taught by an expert who will meet you where you are and encourage you to enjoy the experience.

Broadway Fit
A dance class set each week to your favorite show tunes and movie soundtracks. Think Chicago, Dirty Dancing, Oklahoma, Rocky Horror Picture Show, A Chorus Line. You will learn a variety of dance styles listening to an eclectic variety of tunes, all while revving your heart rate and improving your conditioning. Did we mention how fun it is? If you are really nice, we may even take requests on occasion.

Hoop Fit
Hula hooping is a great cardio workout that can burn 400-600 calories an hour! Perfect for children, safe for expecting mothers (with special pregnancy hoop), middle age men and women, all ages and body types welcome. This class will introduce basics of hula hooping and HoopFit fusing familiar cardio exercises. We will cover hooping at the waist, hips, above the head, and off the body basics. HoopFit will tighten your core, glutes and arms using the hoops as a resistance tool. Don’t have a hoop? No worries! We have hoops available. Come wearing comfortable clothes–yoga attire is perfect.

Mat Pilates
We have heard whispers that yoga people and Pilates people don’t mix. This is puzzling to us. Granted, you could spend five minutes talking with each of our teachers and pretty easily pick out the Pilates instructors. When they talk about physical exertion, they get a dreamy, faraway look in their eyes. The word “core” comes up in conversation with astonishing frequency. And when they say “Cadillac” they don’t mean a car. We like them. A lot. And we think incorporating Pilates in your weekly routine makes a ton of sense. Pilates develops core strength, increases flexibility, improves posture, and facilitates body control. Not sure about you, but we could certainly use more of that.

Nia®: Move and Groove
Nia is a feel-good workout that combines a motivating fusion of world music with unique moves and dynamic combinations that allow participants to dance away their cares. It is based on the principle that a workout should be “Joyful, Fun and Easy to Do” allowing Nia participants to stick to the program and achieve long-term health benefits in both body and mind. A mixture of body-sculpting movements with easy-to-follow dance steps, the routines utilize the principles of martial arts, dance arts and healing arts (like yoga). A combination of fast and slow rhythms maximizing caloric output, fat burning and total body toning from head to toe. It is mostly structured, but allows for improvisation too. It is low impact but high energy. Anyone can do it. And the music is a blast. Trust us – you will love it.

Zumba is a fun, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party™ that is moving people toward joy and health. We will mix it up with high energy Latin beats for cardio and world rhythms that are perfect for stretching and centering.