about us

To understand what Ganesha is about, you have to go back to the summer of 2008. Mindy wanted to become more active–a lonely task and difficult to stick to without support—and this was just the impetus that Jane needed to get back to some semblance of the person who long ago had run the Chicago Marathon. Holding each other accountable and laughing a whole lot along the way, we ran, rowed, and swam, but most importantly, we got back to yoga which we had both practiced intermittently since 2000. And the more we practiced yoga, the more we became believers in yoga’s ability to serve all people. It provides strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular benefits, and yet is gentle enough for even the most dedicated couch potato. The more we emphasized yoga in our overall fitness plan, the more we were able to listen to, accept, and love our bodies, not just work them. We were improving our health and our confidence, and as a bonus we felt like we might have discovered the secrets to maintaining an active lifestyle:

1.Do something you love to do because if you love it, it’s not work. If the thought of doing a fast-paced yoga class in a heated room makes you want to barf, don’t do it. Find a cool, slower-moving class instead. Neither of us had ever been able to hula-hoop before, but we both ended up loving it once we had someone show us how to do it properly. We offer a variety of classes so that you can find something you love to do.

2. Do it in a place where you feel comfortable. Part of the reason yoga is intimidating is that it looks and sounds foreign to a newcomer. If you can’t speak Sanskrit or do a headstand you feel like you don’t belong, and you likely won’t return. Ganesha is all about building community and creating a supportive environment where you feel encouraged and enabled to move out of your comfort zone, if only a tiny bit.

3. Do it with a person or people who support you. Friends, instructors or trainers, or other people in the classes you take can all be your support system if you let them. We specifically chose teachers who love to teach beginners and who wanted to bring the benefits of yoga and fitness to a broad population.

The more we thought about it, the more we realized that a place that embodied all three of those principles didn’t exist near us or if it did, we hadn’t found it. So we decided to create it.

We hope very much that you like what Ganesha is about and can stop in to see us soon.


Mindy and Jane